"My Contact App" Profile questionnaire

We are going to create a custom contact app & a contact card for you. Are you ready? Let's get started.

First and last name

Your personal mobile phone we can reach you at

Phone number you want customers to call

What number do you want your customers to text you on? Leave blank if you don't have one. If you want we can provide a number for you.

User a marketing number to allow Two Way Chat with your client and MULTIPLE employees at one time.

Your business head quarters location.

List additional locations 1 per line

This is optional and can be added or deleted anytime, don't let this slow you down.

This will be the image that is displayed on a persons mobile phones home screen. This image can be updated anytime.

This is the image in the circle / profile image area on the main page of the app. This image can be removed or updated anytime.

This is the image on the top of the page. This image can be updated or removed anytime.

This is only if we are setting up your scheduling app

What are the business hours you want shown? Leave blank if you don't want to display your hours.

Please add all the social network profiles you want your contacts to have. You can update this at anytime.

Use the email we can use to contact you.

The Email you want contacts to have

Add any notes you want us to have. If you have any additional instructions or communication add it here.

Please add any greetings & videos you want shown on the cover of your app.

This is where you can add a few words about your business it's hours or whatever you want. You can even leave it blank.

If we need to speak to you what is the best time to call? Thank you.

Check this if your are setting up a new account.

Check this if you just need to update your contact card.

Add links to photos or any comments that would be helpful.

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